2009 : Illustration, etc

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    Illustration, etc
    a collection of older works,
    mostly vector-based
    © C.Ruprecht
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    Sugar House & Candy
    Event-Flyer, Creative Concept

    Promoting a party series in Berlin, I came up with a visual concept for flyers and posters, As the type stays fixed the environment and the colors are switched for each new event. 
    "Mountains for Lunch - 
    Canyons for Dinner"
    100% Triangles

    step by step workflow......
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    Pattern &  textile design
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    iPhone Environmental Concept  
    Fictional Ad´s / Wallpapers

    Fictional series, supporting the green plan, followed by Apple.Inc over the last years.It´s a loose concept, looking at problems and solutions to certain topics in different ways, some more, some less connected to the actual products.No Photoshop Involved.

    The Apple Logo and Trademark belongs to Apple.Inc
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    Guardians of the Seed of Life
    Vector Illustration
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    Hugo | Hugo Boss
    hugocreate.com Submission
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    Computer Arts No. 183
    I was invited by Computer Arts Magazine UK to do a Photoshop Tutorial revolving around surreal lighting  and color effects. The 15-Step Tutorial deals with merging positive and negative imagery and can be found  in issue no. 183 or online via www.computerarts.co.uk
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