Sexual Intimacy Coach Website & Blog Marketing Campaign

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  • Eryn-Faye Frans is Canada's Passion Coach helping couples navigate through the sexual intimacy aspect of their relationship. She's been featured on TV, and busy consulting couples and speaking at conferences.

    This is Eryn-Faye's website 2.0. When she first approached me, her designer had backed out, leaving her 24 hours to get a professional website launched before her TV debut. Stressed much? :-)

    Needless to say, I put on my red cape and rescued the situation, making my client extremely happy.

    In version 1.0, the focus was on blog marketing and the design layout featured a blog layout on the home page. I had consulted Eryn-Faye on several strategies to increasing exposure, building her readership and engaging their feedback. It worked as planned and she grew her client base, readership and speaking opportunities.

    In version 2.0, she's choosing to present a service-based approach to her business, and this new design layout follows that vision.

  • A very important addition to her new website is a Resource section where she could offer book reviews, with her unique 4-part review/critique system. This offered her readers much more value than a "It's a good book" feedback.

    After Eryn-Faye completes editing her videos and publishing them on her website, we'll begin consulting on how to get her more exposure and leads for consulting clients around the world, and more speaking opportunities.