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    The conceptual project of the Shukhov center of the modern art on the territory of the Arma factory in Moscow, Russia
Pavilion "Kazimir Malevich"
Pavilion "Vladimir Shukhov"
Pavilion "Maurits Escher"
Restaurant  "GASholder"
Cafe "GASholder"
"The conceptual project of the Shukhov center of the modern art on the territory of the Arma factory in Moscow”

 The main feature of the given project consists in science and art synthesis as well as in the synthesis of the two epoches (Russian philosopher Berdjaev said, that the science and art try to find the truth or at least to come closer to it).
 A creation of such complex which adequately could display world value of the greatest opening in a science and art of an epoch of the end of the 19 - the beginnings of the 20 centuries  has become actual nowadays. This creation could present a full picture of the philosophical ideas and understanding of space of that time to the consumer.

The new structure of the world, the founder of which was Vernadsky, arises during this period.  Other scientists have also reflected over a problem of understanding of space and scale of the person in this space. And everyone has tried to express it in his own way and subsequently became the founder of a new big direction.
The works of people who "have outstripped" their time have laid down in a basis of construction of the modern world. One of them is Esher whose works have laid down in a basis of computer technologies. Malevich was the first who managed “to break through canvas space”.  The new understanding of space in painting was displayed in his works. Vernadsky has created such concept as "noosphere", "biotechnosphere".
Shukhov was the first engineer to understand the new sense of the world. Coverings of unique blocks of Arma factory belong to his numerous works.
A creation of such complex which adequately could display value of these opening on a global scale has become actual nowadays.
The Arma factory (Initially Moscow gas factory) is located in the centre of  Moscow, near the Kurskaya railway station. It’s area is 118000 sq metres. The majority of the blocks on its territory are monuments of industrial architecture and are in an awful condition at the moment.
The given project provides safety of all historical constructions and gives new functions to them.
Dividing in zones and adding of new constructions is made in order to match to the given concept.  Shukhov tower is the heritage of that epoch, a symbol of those achievements. It is a symbol of that time, interdisciplinary achievement. It is offered to set some mirror-reflecting panels as a symbol of this centre to make the tower reflect at any point on this territory.
In the given conception one part of factory remains untouched. It is offered to put a stone block on a retrozone in order to restore an ancient paving. Pavilions "Vladimir Shukhov", "Kazimir Malevich", "Maurits Escher" are settled down here. The interiors are presented through the works of such outstanding artists where Malevich is represented as a symbol of infinity, Shukhov- endless vertical and Esher- improbable, deformed and transformed spaces.
A restaurant, a small concert hall, a cafe  and children's school of arts take place In a group of gas-holders. The restaurant group is presented as a certain contradiction of all gravity of object. The person feels, as if it is in a certain “industrial system” here.
The second part of factory is set under overlapping, due to which the exhibition space is formed. The content of temporary expositions confirms connection of a science and art through new technologies, forms and materials. The overview of all space opens from an upper gallery.
The big building in which the conference hall and theatrically-exhibition space is situated is a prototype of a noosphere of Vernadsky. The attached tower is a knot entrance and an excellent viewing point.
The pragmatical value of the given object is the possibility to the further development as the area allows to make it.
The creation of such object has the significant social importance as it could fully reflect the mankind achievements.