The following project was developed as an academic assignment at  UFRGS , Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. The main objective was to redesign the furniture and signage elements of one of the most important parks of the city, Parque Moinhos de Vento. What follows is a summary of what was produced throughout the project.
A series of pictograms was created to represent different places inside the park. The creation was aided by the use of a triangular grid, carefully crafted so as to achieve a light, folded look, consonant with the overall feel of the project.

The pictograms were used in some locational signs and to locate different areas in the map.
The old map was edited, transforming all the curves into straight lines to create a geometric appearance. The pictograms have been used to locate the areas.
All the signage elements were made with steel sheets. The folded paper inspiration gives a light, clean and sculptural look to the signage.

Most of the sings are fixed directly on the floor, supported by a block of concrete underground. Kids library, WC's, parking and administration are locational signs fixed on the wall.
The furniture elements were also inspired on folded paper, and steel was also the material used on them.

The benches were inspired on paper spirals, and were made folding the steel as such; reforested wood was used on the seats. There are three kinds of benches, with varied sizes and shapes, designed to accommodate different party sizes and needs.

For the trash, a special plastic bag was designed, so that it takes a geometric shape as it fills up.

The following pictures detail the different kinds of support used for the signs.
 Detail: support for the hanging signs. 
 Detail: support for the ground signs.
Printed version of the project.
We rendered some of the elements at the site, so as to get a proper feel of how they would interact with the scenery.
We made two mock-ups (scale 1:2) for an informational sign and the map.
In these mock-ups, we used polystyrene to replace the steel.