Design the future of your brand with Youtube
‘Design the future of your brand’ is the 2011/ 2012 advertising campaign for Youtube Europe. I, along with 35 other young artists, was asked to participate in creating pieces that represent Youtube Europe's 100 top sponsors. Each brand's creative director chose one word to describe what they believed to be the future of their company.

For Nestle, my keyword was "life". I was inspired by Nestle's slogan: Good food, good life. As the world's largest food company, Nestle's products are essential to a good and healthy life. Using the slogan as my inspiration, I let the typography influence the piece. I combined bold letters with a friendly script that had branching out flourishes. Illustrations of foods related to Nestle products were clustered around the typography to create a sense of unity between food and life.

For Galbani, my keyword was "trust". I was inspired by Galbani's slogan: Galbani means trust. I wanted to create a piece that was as classic as the company itself. However, I wanted the piece to be less about the cheese and more about the trust. I chose to incorporate drawings of freesia flowers because they symbolize trust. This piece represents a bouquet of freesia flowers being given to Galbani by Youtube. By combining hand lettering and my personal illustration style, I created a piece that embodies Galbani's philosophy.