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Per Castra Ad Astra
I've found a certain value in doing these wallpacks in themes as opposed to just one big download of various graphics at the end of each year. I found that it really brought a certain level of polish and cohesiveness to the packs, as evidenced by the Drowned Harbor wallpack. It also helps serve as a point of inspiration and focus/North Star throughout the process.
The theme of this wallpack is "symbolism" and it's effect and/or control over us. Everything from religious symbolism to superstitions to occult to symbolism around death and the afterlife and so on.
I tried to cover this theme without being too brash or obvious. I wanted to embrace the sort of mystery and wonder that certain symbolism holds both in it's root in society but also how it's forced us to think and act.
For example; I'd thought back to all the times the design industry has used the "Eye of Providence" in logos, tshirt designs, etc. and the various comments that had proceeded from those pieces. The various people talking about "illuminati", "devil worship", "cult", "free masonry" etc. etc. and I thought, "why not create a collection of pieces based on the theme of symbolism and it's archaic control over us?"...
...that and, I just wanted to make something cool but needed an inspiration point...
With that said, here is the "Per Castra Ad Astra" (Through the camp to the stars) wallpack. 
This collection consists of 12 Original wallpapers, 39 Alternate edits and 15 Odious edits. As well as the aforementioned wallpapers, it also includes 66 icons with 7 variations for a total of 462 icons. (Windows/Mac versions available here)
There is also a whole Visual Style collection by Jamie Green over on DeviantArt.
In addition to the digital elements, some of the artworks are also available as device skins and covers over at DecalGirl and prints over at Curioos.
Device skins and cases available at DecalGirl
Prints available at Curioos
Visual Styles by Jamie Green available on DeviantArt
All wallpapers and icons copyright Jared K. Nickerson/Jthree Concepts 2015*
BY DOWNLOADING THIS WALLPACK (Per Castra Ad Astra), you the downloader, 
receive a non exclusive, non transferable limited right to only use the wallpapers and icons 
that you acquire for personal use and for no other purpose.
In particular you MUST NOT:
(a) directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell or provide 
the wallpapers/icons or offer to do any of these things;
(b) make the wallpapers/icons available on a website;
(c) use the wallpapers/icons in a design/illustration which you are creating; or
(d) incorporate the wallpapers/icons in a design/illustration which is created for resale.
These restrictions apply to you whether the wallpapers/icons are being used in the 
creation of a work for yourself or for someone else and where the wallpapers/icons are 
being used in the creation of a work by someone else on your behalf.
YOU MAY display/show the wallpapers/icons in a desktop or mobile screenshot
for demonstration purposes only or use the icons as personal
avatars or profile pictures. (credit is appreciated, but not required.)
Thank you and Enjoy!
Per Castra Ad Astra

Per Castra Ad Astra

Per Castra Ad Astra wallpack. 66 wallpapers + 462 icons.