Cape Hatteras Lighthouse sunrise reflection.   10/26/13
Front door of Christ's Church in Raleigh across from the state capitol quad.  4/27/15
Sunset clouds in Rolesville, NC - my hometown now.  5/8/15
Entrance to the North Carolina State Capitol building in Raleigh.  4/27/15
A little night photography attempt. Sonic restaurant in Rolesville.  5-15-15.
The cross on the door. Rolesville Baptist Church.   4-28-15
Sunset's reflection. On my street in Rolesvile.  5-6-15
Amber waves of grain along the roadside in Rolesville.  5-8-15
Not all hoop dreams end in national championships or lucrative contracts.
5-3-15 on the Mountain to Sea Trail in Raleigh.
A secluded winding path found in the Rolesville Main Street Park.  5-8-15
A truly lucky find along the Neuse River Trail in Wake County, NC.    4-12-15
Two boulders in the Rolesville Main Street Park.  5-12-15
My granddaughter, my heart @ Pullen Park.
 To paraphrase a statement my late father once made,
"She'll never rememeber this day and I'll never forget it." 
Sunset on the sound near Cape Hatteras lighthouse.   4/6/10
Secondary entrance to Rolesville Main Street Park.   5-12-15
M.H. Green, Jr. and Ms. Rose - good friends for a very long time. 
(It broke my heart to tell them I only had one helmet.)   4-13-15.
My front porch.   12/26/10
Sunset in Rolesville taken through an unfinished deck railing.   4-2015
A approaching sundown on my street taken a short distance from my house.   5-10-15
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
Romeo and Juliet, Act II Scene II
Mountain to the Sea Trail in Raleigh. A water flowing in a stream
that made for a lighting challenge.  5-2-15
The absolutely best photo I took all day.
A scene at Falls Lake on the Mountain to the Sea Trail in Raleigh.  5-2-15
M. H. Green, Jr., my father-in-law, and my youngest daughter, Caitlin.
Ever heard the expression "two peas in a pod."  They are!
One of many lovely split rail fence yards in my little town.    5-3-15
Boat ripples on Falls Lake near Raleigh, NC.  5-14-15
For my digital photography class field trip.  4-27-15
Old Glory as she hangs outside the Rolesville Post Office near sunset.
In or out of focus she reminds us how precious our freedoms are.
Sanibel Island sunrise.  May 2012 on a trip to visit my dear friend Joe DeSalvo.
A faux brick facelift at the Rolesville Furniture Store.   4-28-15
Blue Jay Point @ Fallls Lake.   5-17-15
Depth of field with slight bokeh effects during our photography class field trip.   4-27-15
Little River Park in Zebulon, NC.   4-18-15
My father-in-law, Mr. M. H. Green, Jr. Life-long resident of Raleigh, NC.
A decorated World War II veteran and Purple Heart recipient.
You can read the story of the USS Rich DE695 at the link below.

Last rays of sunlight at Falls Lake near Raleigh, NC.  5-14-15
December 26, 2010 - wating for the second round of snow to fall.
Approaching the end of Blue Jay Trail @ Blue Jay Point.  5-17-15
Growing in my cousin's garden in Cary, NC.   5-5-15
First night of the WRAL Freedom Balloon Festival. Taken at Zebulon, NC.   5-22-15
The balloon glow to end the evening was a spectacular event.
It was a very busy afternoon getting the balloons ready to fly.
"Up, up and away ... in my beautiful balloon!"      5-22-15
The balloon glow after sunset was breathtaking. The event was planned for dusk
with a brief mass ascension followed by the glow but the traffic was so bad
only a few of balloons made it back for the event.  5-22-15
Up close and personal as they say. What a beautiful site.  5-22-15
Old Glory rises in the sky.  5-22-15
Caitlin in her supervisor's pose with Matt at the farm in Apex.  5-24-15
"Green acres is the place to be. Farm livin' is the life for me."
Matt and Caitlin at the place they like the best.   5-24-15
For Papa!   5-24-15
Sunset @ Jordan Lake State Park.   5-24-15
Geese in flight at dusk in Rolesville.  4-15-15
Lake Johnson park in Raleigh.   5-24-15
Long time friends after lunch from visiting the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA.   6-6-15
Like his shipmates and all veterans from other wars, his love of country knows no end
and will never be diminished by age.   M. H. Green, Jr. - USN (Ret) - USS Rich DE695.   6-6-15
My trip to the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA. 6-6-15.  "Papa" and Ms. Rose and me. An honor to be with them.
Sunset over Lynchburg VA and the beautiful mountains in the distance.
The perfect end to a wonderful day spent with old and new friends.  6-6-15
Sometimes if you wait a few extra minutes after sunset
you can get some amazing cloud and light photographs.  6-6-15
Sons of the Confederacy, like all veterans, should never be forgotten.
Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, VA.   6-7-15
Memorials at the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, VA. Statue on left honors
Confederate dead from all of the Confederate states who died in the Civil War.   6-7-15
This is the only flag that truly matters ... or should but we have caved in to so many special
interest groups in the name of diversity that it's meaning is now lost. If government is going to rob
us of the Confederate flag then take down ALL flags except this one.
My grandson, Conway, and my granddaughter, Edan. The joys of my life.
Photo taken on the train at Pullen Park - 9/5/15.
Sunset at Holden Beach. I have yet to see a "bad" one, have you?
Sunrise at Holden Beach. What a beautiful site this truly was to behold.  10/2015
My Photos

My Photos

A collection of photos I have taken mostly for my digital photography class through Wake Technical Community College.
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