For a graphic design class we were asked to design a exhibition poster.  The "exhibition" was to be held at Palais de Congres in Montreal, and the exhibition was for camping.  The design for Palais de Congres is quite notable in montreal.  It is composed of large bright multi-colored glass panels.  I chose to incorporate this into my design.  I substituted the northern lights concept for the glass panels in the Palais de Congres.  Enjoy!
Another assignment was to design a poster to invite the viewer to the class in which our poster was due.  My focus for this project was to play with the orientation, alignment and color of the information to make it appealing to the viewer. :)
The focus of this assignment was to design a poster for a concert of an artist of our choice.  As I am huge fan, I chose Adele!  I chose to make is very minimalist and give it a classic feel because I feel as an artist Adele has a very classic style. :)