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    Poster and flyer design for a benefit concert for Haïti.
Benefit concert for Haïti
Poster and flyer
After a short brainstorm I decided I didn't want to show a sad image on the poster. It's the oldest trick in the book, and to be honest, to me personally it just raises resistance. I don't know a lot about Haïti, but to me they always seemed like outgoing people who know how to enjoy life and have a good time. I thought this was much more important to show on a poster. Not to let you as a viewer see how horrible these people feel after losing everything they own, (we know this already, it's on the news all the time) but to show you what they have actually lost. Show you what smile we have to restore. 
Poster was printed in A2 size. 
Front of the flyer.
Back of the flyer.
Notice how they form the same picture as used on the poster when you place them against each other.