Te & Kaffi, Special Coffee Blends
Te & Kaffi, Special Coffeeblends
The three major coffee regions, french roast and espresso.
This time around the concept was to capture the brands clean look into five new specialty coffee blends to replace the well know range of specialty coffees from Te & Kaffi in supermarkets.  This "blend" concept was to simplify the consumers choice, still share the goodness that the world of coffee has to offer.
The design is supposed to educate the customer, therefore letting majority of the information face the customer. 
Te & Kaffi's design language has been somewhat minimalistic compared to the competition and we are sticking to it. Still with a hint of excitement using warm ... almost pastel ... colors. Giving this line of products a real fresh and light look compared to crowded and dark/heavy colors used by the competition. To further encourage the customers, educate and excite them, we challenged them trough TV ads to squeeze the coffee bags ... smell the content trough the "One-Way Degassing Valve", allowing the smell to fill the nose with anticipation. Coffee smells like heaven, or was it the other way around :)