Ålgård 2009
This is a personal long-term project which started in 2009. The title translates to The window.
The project started out as a need for spending my time during daily travels between home and college. It was a curiosity for how I could capture fragments of moods rushing by outside the windows. After a while it developed into an obsession as well, no matter what kind of vehicle I travelled with and where I travelled to.

It is a dedication to the journeys and inbetweens of our everyday lives which so often slip into an odd vacuum. The travelling is rarely more than a gap between A and B and have always seemed degraded compared to the arriving. But it is nevertheless filled with expectations, excitement and nostalgia. And out there: Movements and landscapes ready to stimulate memories.
(Norway-Germany) 2010
Boknafjord 2012
Mariero 2009
Stavanger 2010
Sandnes 2009
Karmøy 2010
Bråstein 2010
Rennesøy 2009
Stavanger 2012
Stavanger 2009
Rennesøy 2010
Tysvær 2009
Sandnes 2009
Vännäsby 2012
Västerbotten 2011
Hordaland 2009
Västerbotten 2011
Bogafejll 2009
Umeå 2012

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