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Sarvatā Collection pt.3 Earcuffs and Earrings

This body of work expresses timeless dualities that exist in our fundamental human nature. From raw and refined materials to placing beliefs in personal objects, we embrace nature as an extension of ourselves for the need of protection and empowerment. The processes of creating contemporary talismans convey the meanings of personal intention through storytelling in the relations of dualities found in nature. This collection, Sarvatā, embodies these ideas through embracing dualities we find wholeness, protection and empowerment.
Viha: Sky
Sterling Silver, Lady Amherst Pheasant Feathers 
Carving, lost wax casting, pegging 
Prthivī : Earth 
Sterling Silver
Carving, lost wax casting
Samāra: Eternal Flow
Sterling Silver, Ebony, Tagua, Moonstone, Labradorite
Carving, lost wax casting, tube setting, wirework, pegging
Prāna: Life Force
Sterling Silver, Tagua, Labradorite
Carving Tagua, forging, wairework and tubesetting
Sarvatā Collection pt.3 Earcuffs and Earrings

Sarvatā Collection pt.3 Earcuffs and Earrings

Sarvatā Collection


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