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    Back in 2007, I came across the vocalist - Travis Garland while he was in the band NLT (Not Like Them.) Back then, I didn't have a credit card fo… Read More
    Back in 2007, I came across the vocalist - Travis Garland while he was in the band NLT (Not Like Them.) Back then, I didn't have a credit card for iTunes just yet so I surely did rush my ass to the gas station to buy an iTunes gift card to purchase those sultry vocals of his. I recalled telling all my friends about this up-and-coming band and figured they would be the new best thing. One thing lead to another, and they released more singles, as well as a Christmas Single, and I thought things were great. Travis kept delivering those vocal runs, and I kept spending my money, typical. However, for some reason NLT disbanded. With rage, I wanted a refund but not my money. I wanted my time back for hyping up a band that didn't stay together. That's how life goes, I suppose. Time passed, and I matured still hooked to his vocal charm. There still weren't many photos of him on the web, so I layed low on drawing him, which I am known for doing -drawing or illustrating an artist who influence me. Suddenly, he was back on the scene with a hot ass mixtape. I'm talking fire! 2011 was a good year for I had that thing on repeat for months. Shit, it's still on repeat. After he dropped that, he released a snippet of a new single Cupid's Got A Gun. Instant favorite. I fiend for it, for weeks, then months, Now years! To this day, I cannot find that full song anywhere. It's pretty devastating, but I suffice. Today, Travis has released a self-titled album, an EP, and a few singles. As well as uploaded some pretty high-quality photos across the web, which I used in my mockups presented here. I wanted to rebrand some aspects of his marketing and design because I felt some of his official artwork simply did not match his style or personal branding. Some covers are better than others, and I understand it's because certain ideas and concepts weren't present at the time of its completion. However, I took it upon myself to tweak some of those concepts and play around with just what is the branding of Travis Garland. Most importantly it is that kiwi green palette he has going on. It's his color, and I wanted to make sure it was visible in almost everything. Next is, of course, his logo that holds all the power. It didn't need changing, I just added a filtered effect to make it more vintage at times. Those two were the only major changes presented here, and I'm hoping that they'll catch Travis' eye. Lastly, to Travis, "You are my favorite." And I'm so glad to be part of your musical journey with you. Your music is embedded into several memories of mine, and I'm sure your music will continue to reach many others just as it has for me. I wish you the best with all your success and would be so honored to have your criticism or input on this personal project of mine. Plus, release Cupid's Got a Gun, I need it. Thanks. -DV Read Less