Tebello Mosenene, Strategy, Coywriter
Kaylynn Olmstead, Art Direction, Strategy
Objective: The goal of the Cracking College campaign is to increase sales, brand consideration, awareness and customer loyalty.
Target: Millennials ages 18-24, digital natives enrolled in college, living away from home – on or off campus.
Strategy: Make Target a team player.
Insight: College students are broke and looking to spend as little as possible when it comes to Back-to-College shopping while their most trusted advisors are their friends and family.
Solution: The less we have, the more creative we tend to become. The campaign works to encourage innovation by exploring the different ways we use our everyday college oriented objects to help save money.
Skills demonstrated: Research, Consumer Insight, Creativity/Originality, Concept, Strategy, Design Principles, Typography, Use of color, Imagery, Simplicity, Clarity, Spelling/Grammar, Range of Media
Tebello Mosenene: Copywriter and Strategy
Art Director: Photography, layout, typography
Kaylynn Olmstead: Copywriter and Strategy
Fahad Atalas: Animator