Tebello Mosenene, Strategy, Copywriter

Objective: Increase awareness of the Hooter’s kids club menu.
Target: Moms, age 25-45, who want a fun, fresh, healthy option for a quick dinner on the go.
Strategy: Kids can be themselves at Hooters, so mom, get comfortable.
Insight: Children are mischievous, they press this, pull that, break stuff. But that’s alright, after all, that’s how they learn. 
Solution: Embrace the loud and rowdy child through the Hooter’s Kid’s Club and promotion.
Skills Demonstrated: Concepts, strategy, research, critical analysis, consumer insights, clarity, creativity/originality, range of media, flow, spelling/grammar, design principles, typography, use of color, aesthetics, imagery, photography
Tebello Mosenene: 
Copywriter, strategy and photography
Kristina Oliva:
Art director, strategy and photography
Results: Awarded best campaign by Hooters