Through our research we discovered:
Why Millennials order via phone: out of habit, inital UX/UI disappointment, and low brand awareness.
We developed a strategy to overcome these obstacles:
We set out to make an entertaining, brand-aware campaign with improved online tools and digital-only incentives.
We reach our target market through these hiliarious radio spots featuring our "Tour Guys" Tyler & Terry.
Our Hut Truck serves not only as the biggest pizza delivery truck ever, but also drives the social media conversation.
Traditional media
Traditional media plays a key role in finding our target market where they work, and frequently visit.
We aimed to stay true to the Pizza Hut brand through consistancy with our Hut's Up Now logo, bold fonts, and black cast iron textures.
We sparked the social media conversation through pizza and cash giveaways and our Hut Truck.
Pizza Hut app enhancements
1-2 Hut View is our AR button accessible through any screen on the app.
3-6 Our Fast Track option allows for swift ordering through a haptic interface.
Online enhancements
1. Quick checkout button added to home screen.
2. Pizza Hut tracker
3. Delivery driver photo
NSAC Hut's Up Now campaign