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    Campaign to convince people to stay in Utrecht for more than a single day. Because the city has an amazing cultural program.
Utrecht city of culture.

There is amazing cultural activity in the city of Utrecht. From art to music, from movies to festivals. In fact, there's more activities than you can fit into a single day. In Dutch: 'Te veel te leuk voor één dag'. The challenge was to get that message across. We succeeded by transforming a daily icon that leads the way to all the activities the city has to offer, an information pole. It guides the way on the website, it helps give directions as a flyer and as ads, it points to Utrecht in commercials and it keeps people from getting lost as a real-life information pole.

Visit the website >

Screenshots from the website.

Posters and ads.

Real-life information poles throughout Holland.

Miniature-sized information pole in Madurodam.

Commercial showing just how much you'll see of 'The Dom' if you're only in Utrecht for a single day.