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    Romania Brand Identity
The entire concept stemmed from the attempt to find an image which would represent Romania.

Our country has a multitude of tourist sights, from the traditional villages, the medieval burgs, the monasteries, the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, to our traditions, our hospitality, and our cuisine with the Romanian ţuica. And, of course, the very well known Dracula. Each of these elements ultimately plays its part in creating a Romanian identity.

The starting point was identifying the elements which the Romanian people normally use in order to promote their country, finally drawing the conclusion that the first and most used element is the national folk costume. This is the most representative and the handiest element, as it has a tradition behind it which always manages to surprise, to stir up both admiration and the curiosity to find out more about it, starting with the moment when the costume was made and ending with the context in which it is worn.

The logo chosen in the end is the peacock feather, an element which is part of the folk costume found in the Ardeal area – specifically, the feather is worn on the hat. Its colours suggest the multitude and the diversity of Romanian tourist sights. It also sends us in the direction of tradition, which brings an extra bit of value and originality and stirs the desire to find out more about the subject. Viewed from another angle, the logo can be seen as an eye, prompting the tourists to look at our country from a different point of view.
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