Images of future transport: In the Style of Syd Mead
This is my proposal for the contest sponsored by Nvidia and CGSociety
ACCELERATE Images of future transport: Un the style of Syd Mead.

At the beginning my intention was to produce two images, both inspired in the style of futuristic designer Syd Mead but from two different aproaches: one a more "spatial" one, other a more mundane one. One is a Night Scene, the other a daylight one. One is rendered using C4D AR3 , the other using vray. both trying to achieve Syd mead design tendencies and rendering style. then, almost at the end of the contest the idea of the Sydpelin came to my mind and i decide to make, its a simple but powerful vehicle, inspired in whales. Image of the Gyrocopter Base Station features a cameo a young Syd Mead waiting for the vehicle to arrive.

Modeled in Cinema 4D and rendered in AR3 y VrayforC4D , color corrected in Photoshop CS4