This shoot came up completely out of nowhere...
First,  i was prepping for a concept store's fashion show when the receiving people working there opened boxes of wicked and unique pieces for a Queen's private viewing. After lots of hassle to convince the store and the VVIP P.A to lend me some of the merchandise for a day only, Chrystel and myself gathered around other fashion products and brands (Furne Amato owner and designer was also a big help to us as he lend us crazy pieces which were suppose to fly out for Hollywood)...So, we called our Team and model's friends.
It was fun, shot under  my roof, the kitchen was dedicated to Makeup only, the room's visitor as the Hair salon, entrance, stairs for Styling and TV room for final touches, accessories and shoes while the living-room was dedicated to the photography / videos.

All of us are good buddies but of course more came just to crash there and laugh with us, the house turned out as a nightclub-creative engineering that even Priscilla would have pop by ...isn't it the purpose of it, the fun? 
Hope you enjoy the results,  we do...

DJ: Jose Luis Quiceno
Laughs: Jose, Perle, Andrew, Brutus the puppet, Genevieve, Marius, Clint, Gabriella, Christophe, Amber, Amanda, Bronx, Billy the dog, and Honey the Queen princess of the house.