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    ISTD 2015 - Taboo
The Evil Among Us was designed to adress the brief 'Taboo' for International Society of Typographic Designers' (ISTD) Student Assessment, 2015 which achieved a 'Pass' grade.

The booklet tries to shed light on how we (Sri Lankans) percieve and treat the LGBT community and provide solutions to it. It is targeted at open minded Sri Lankan youth who are willing to question "norms" and change them if they feel they need to be changed. The publication is intended to be circulated 'underground' to the target audience via mail.
The book is two layered. The top, a sarcastic representation of the general perception of the LGBT (Lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual) community and the inner layer an opposing idea questioning whether the general perception is correct. Typefaces, colours, layouts and type treatment were used to match the tone of voice and the content of the respective layers.
The book leaves the reader to decide what "The Evil Among Us" is. Is it being LGBT and going against the Sri Lankan culture and religions? Or is it condemning and mistreating a fellow citizen and a human being for having a different sexual orientation an an identity that we believe is correct?