The Altered States of Consciousness
Szczera Szata + One of None
[The Magical Collaboration]

Projects of prints on the clothes by Kamil Burman
Spring / Summer 2015 Collection
Leitmotiv: The Altered States of Consciousness
About the Szczera Szata [The Honest Clothes]
The Szczera Szata’s offer is addressed to people who go beyond the temporary fashion trends. It is for those who want to express themselves by their clothes and who need to feel free. It is a brand that gives you the freedom in everyday choices.
Founded in Poland, in 2014, since the very beginning The Szczera Szata stands up on the honest without any compromise. The basis for its activity is an open mind and open heart, because only due to them we can find inspiration in every moment of our lives.
The Brand offers sweatshirts, T-shirts, bags and everything else you can imagine. Each product is handmade, with attention to high quality and the smallest detail. The Szczera Szata respects importance of freedom. From this reason it is possible to get personalized product made for individual client.
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About the Collection
The Altered States of Consciousness is the leitmotiv of the collection released by the Polish fashion brand Szczera Szata [The Honest Clothes] in the Spring/Summer 2015 season.
This magical collection by Szczera Szata represents
Freedom of the mind
Imagination without limits
Our world seen differently
The joy of everyday life
About collaboration
During the very nice time spent cooperating with The Szczera Szata’s Crew I had a pleasure to create several projects of prints for Spring / Summer 2015 clothing collection.
The only guideline for me was the leitmotiv of the collection – Altered States of Consciousness. With so much leeway I was able to look for ideas at the furthest recesses of my imagination. It was really interesting.
Thank You.
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The Altered States of Consciousness

The Altered States of Consciousness

Projects of prints on the clothes for Szczera Szata

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