A social network for onboard aeroplanes to improve your overall travel experience.
'Wingit' was a concept that I created for my Minor Project. The aim was to create a smart phone application that could be used in conjunction with flying, offering a better experience for the younger flyer aged between 18-30, bringing communities together in flight.

It allowed me to build a network that encourages the growth of relationships between people and the content in which they are willing to share when booking a holiday. With growing passenger connectivity needs and with competitors raising the bar major airlines have a real incentive to push in flight entertainment in an even more technological and device friendly direction.
Welcome to the brand
-  Push back the clouds and enter your flight and hotel details to interact with people on the same flight as you.
-  Add an 'I am safe' recipient to eliminate the hassle of contacting friends and family when you arrive at your        holiday de

- Check your flight schedules for delays or updates to your travel timetable.
- Pinpoint your hotel and neighbouring hotels around you.
- Locate local amenities surrounding your hotel such as shops, pharmacies and cash points.

During your flight 
- Enter the inflight travel mode of the application.
- Check the flight information and travel progress of the aircraft.
- Join personality clouds that give you an overview of the type of people you are flying with.
- Check the wellbeing of the passengers sat around you by rating your mood, are they happy or hungry? 
After your flight
- Send the 'I am safe' message back to friends and family at home once you have landed.
- Pinpoint you current location in relation to your hotel.
- Locate bars, restaurants and hotels to your current location.   
Marketing material
- An Inflight magazine advertisement to encourage more people to join the network when flying.
- An online advert to attract people to the app when booking their flights.