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    Lodz city card, rejected project
I was asked to design a new Lodz city card, along
with a logo."Migawka" is card that can be used
to pay for public transport, cinema and
theatre tickets aswell as many other things
connected to the city.

It also can be used as normal
payment card, so you can
buy anything you like with it.

While designing the card and
its logo,I had in mind that
it should appeal to average
citizen and because of that
I tried to keep it as 
simple as I could.
I immediately thought about all those metro signs in different cities, because of the names of both Migawka and Metro sharing first letter. It is characteristic and associates with big cities around the world. I tried to make a simple sign, but not so simple to only contain the "M" letter. I decided to put M into the mixed borders of Lodz city and Lodz province (in future, card can be used also in the 'sattelite' cities around city of Lodz), and shape it from simple blocks that connect to each other (symbolising different areas of use).
City and province border mixed

Various versions of the logo
Blocks connecting - symbolising different areas of use.
Colors are connected to the Crest of Lodz
Final logo
Lodz was once the biggest centre of textile industry in Poland - I decided to use this in my card design by creating some of the most recognizable city places with colored threads. Card holders can choose from six unique designs while recieving their card. This type of design allows to create some special cards for different events. Each card contains adress to the corresponding place.