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Me.JPG - Madison Freeman
    I took this photo of myself to be in my self-portrait at school in C1.
Texture.JPG - Madison Freeman
    I took this picture for this project at Caesars creek. I used it as a texture because I thought the lefty texture on the top would add to the dark theme. It is a unfocused flower with dead leaves surrounding it.
Water.JPG - Madison Freeman
    This is a picture of the river at Caesars creek. The bank is really high so it made a perfect image to put over my path.
Pathway.JPG - Madison Freeman
    I took this picture of the pathway at Caesars Creek because I wanted a pathway leading into the sky. I love the shadows casting over the path, it gives it an eerie character.
Batman.JPG - Madison Freeman
    I took this picture of the batman symbol because not only is bathman my favorite superhero but I also thought it added a certain message and philosophical element to my piece.
Cityline.JPG - Madison Freeman
    I took this picture of the Chicago Pierre with an orange-blue sunset. I thought it would make a great transition from my top and bottom images.
Book.JPG - Madison Freeman
    This is one of the books I am reading. I put it over as a texture so I could make certain words stand out to help convey the message. It is a picture of a page with the crease included purposely.
GreySky.JPG - Madison Freeman
    This is a picture that has landscape (covered by a mask) with a very cloudy and dark sky. The image originally had bright yellow spots but I darken it with a mask and the paint brush.
VivaLasVegas.JPG - Madison Freeman
    This picture was taken in the Las Vegas desert. It has a green and blue sunset behind the desert mountains; it is upside down in my image.
Summer Landscape - Afli007 - July 19, 2014 - Stock Exchange (
    This was taken in Bavaria, Germany. It is legal to use from the royalty free and usage options. Almost all the usage restrictions consist of things that are illegal or pornography. I did not take this picture.
'Ello Mate.  This is a project for my Ditigal Design Class.  We used photoshop to a create a composition that represented using foregrounds, middle ground and back grounds. We focused on the movement of the eye throughout the piece and purposely directing through the composition. We used photographs of our own and of others (with licensed permission)--I used only one. Mine was based off of the dark times/struggles I went through this past year. I used the Batman and the path to show that I have to be my own hero and persurvear on my path. I made everything in a darkish tone in the piece (except the circle sky) to show the struggles, and that it is a long way to the light. I added texture to the top, and the book texture over everything. I know that I didn't have to have words but once I put the page on the piece I was in love and there was no stopping me there. I named it "die Überlebende" which translates to "the survivor". Surviving everything was the main goal of this past year and the main goal of my project, but obliviously "the Survivor" is not as cool as a name for a piece. So I named it in german. My main goal for this project is that it shows about how you have to rely on yourself and just get through dark times.
die Überlebende

die Überlebende

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