A Smoother Shopping Experience
Beiersdorf wanted our team to explore an in-store activation in Walgreens for some of their most popular beauty and skin products. From the project's inception, we knew that it was no secret that Walgreens had been developing a strong interest in technological, forward-thinking, user experience focused solutions; All of which are aimed at making their customers lives easier, and making the path to purchase a little less resistant.
Therefor we landed on a concept that would entail the use of beacons and the retailer's app to alert customers to special offerings, and other bits of timely, relevant information. In-store, we leveraged a POP touch-screen device  on the display itself to create an interactive experience which could provide utility for the shopper while at the same time enabling an immersive shopping experience. 
At the end of the day, our solution inspired the potential client because it effectively leveraged the existing strengths of the retailer in a way that benefited both the retailer and the client. It was as they say, a 'win win' situation.