design by Arro studio
The all-new R70x reference headphone has been created in conjunction with Paris-based design agency Arro Studio. The final result perfectly blends form and function, with aluminium mesh earcup housings contributing to the model’s extremely low 210g weight. Combined with generous breathable fabric earpads, the light weight of the R70x makes it outstandingly comfortable during long sessions.
In terms of tone the proprietary drivers in the R70x – combined with the headphones’ acoustically transparent housings – deliver beautifully natural, spacious open-back tone. The 45mm drivers, created specially for the R70x, represent the culmination of Audio-Technica’s more than 40 years of headphone design. In addition distortion is reduced, high-end frequency response extended and accuracy improved with the use of high efficiency magnets and a pure alloy magnetic circuit design.
The use of carbon composite resin throughout the R70x’s construction also adds structural rigidity and, in turn, improved transient response detail.
Manufacturer: Audio-Technica (Japan)
Year: 2015
Material: Carbon composite resin, aluminum honeycomb-mesh housings, fabric.
Showcased at NAMM winter 2015
Credits photos: Audio-Technica
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