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    Graphic Interactive Design II mid project. The rights of copy belong to the owner of the photograph. Academic purpose only.
getaway! Magazine is a monthly magazine focusing on travel and tourism not only in Indonesia but also all around the world. There are many sections readers can enjoy in this magazine such as grand journey, urban story, tribe & culture and many more. Unlike other travel magazines, getaway! also discusses about events happening in Jakarta in the whole month, it also gives information not only in travel and tourism field but also film, music, book and game. Besides, getaway! also gives information about new technology in the market through tech geek section. This magazine really helps traveller who wants to plan a trip and wants to know better their destination before going.
Nowadays, televisions even magazines are now incontestably with the information on the internet such as news website. To get back the popularity and the existence of magazines, we decided to make the digital magazines through this project. So there will be possibilities that magazines can be enjoyed and used constantly like it used to be.
Furthermore, we want getaway! Magazine to be the part of travel information on the internet, so people get to know more about the getaway! Magazine, and make it as their standard when they need to found out about the any trip information as the magazine has been provided.
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