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    A design based around the fictitious branding of a local-level restaurant/pub
The Purpose: I was giving myself a trial in niche-based webdesign, rather than following a trend that I found myself falling into of "one-design-fits-all". In this case, a pub-style restaurant. Completely ficticious, but I wanted to see if I could come up with an intuitive, niche-driven website that would be used by something like a local, well-known restaurant. 

The function of the site: Present a bit of background information about the restaurant, and present multiple ways to convert the visitor into a customer. This includes options of ordering online (for takeout, or delivery), regular specials presented as one of the first things that users see, seating-availibility, online reservation placing, as well as address and map directly to the eatery. 
Intuitive measures: 
1) Placement of relative information. - Note the phone number in the top right (people seem to always go to a restaurant's site, looking for the phone number...and end up leaving if they don't see it right away), an option to check out the menu, dead center of the page (this menu would change automatically from "breakfast", "dinner", "lunch", etc. based on the time of day, with a countdown timer, below the button, so that the user could plan accordingly for when and what to order), and then just before the fold of the page hits, you have the daily specials label poking out, ushering the user to scroll down, if they haven't already clicked to check out the menu. 
2) The featured daily specials. - These could be programmed to automatically rotate based on a preset selection of daily specials. 
3) An usher to join the restaurant for a meal - by upselling the overall atmosphere, as well as putting a map and address right in front of the user. (and then a friendly, yet bold "We're waiting" beckon.), you can create a welcoming emotion towards the user that would suade their decision to visit you.
Possible Integration plan, and/or Complications
The chosen website could be easily run with minimal third-party integrations, through WordPress. WooCommerce for order placement, with kitchen and wait-staff having synced devices for notifications of orders being purchased, with alerts in increments as to which orders should be prioritized, so that no orders are lost in the queue. Mailchimp for newsletters (Mailchimp could also be configured to blast text messages during events, such as karaoke nights, or other live events.).

The only integration that I feel would raise an eyebrow would be reservations and seating. Both would need to be directly tied into the Restaurants workflow, as they would require live-seating updates. This could be solved by creating a seating app for the restaurant, that would be controlled from a few tablets throughout the restaurant. (One for the Owner, one for the wait-staff at the door, and one for miscellaneous use by other wait-staff...always good to have one floating for flexibility.). If the app were to be developed in-house, then you could make sure that it is friendly with the WordPress site, without having to rely on third-party support.

The app would also need a feature to turn off reservations and seating availability for a specified amount of time...restaurants get crazy on some nights, and require a bit more of a human-touch that can rearrange, and deal with issues that arise, on-the-fly.

See more of my work @ http://endlyss.us