Business Requirements and Objectives
Every individual or business has their own unique requirements and objectives, there isn't a one size fits all solution in regards to video content. However, the following information aims to help highlight possible key objectives and offer an insight in to the workflow involved in producing a video.
You understand your business and customers better than anyone. You may already have ideas or have seen examples you wish to use as inspiration. The points outlined in this guide refer to content and scripts are merely suggestions.
A great starting point is to think of all the key information you'd like to include in your production. If the aim of your video is to explain the product/service your business offers.
-              What does your company offer and how do you achieve it?
-              How are you different from other companies that offer a similar product/service?
-              Does your product/service solve a potential problem and if so how?
-              Do you have any interesting company facts, figures or qualities?
This key information can be used as a foundation of your voiceover script.
Deciding on which style is most suitable for your production is the next step.
-              Would your production benefit from having a simple narrative?
-              Possibly a piece consisting of kinetic typography would interest your viewers?
 -             Perhaps 3D elements could be implemented to grab the viewer’s attention?
-              Should it be formal or informal?
Videos can be creative, humorous, formal, corporate, and abstract or a combination of all styles.
Your style will more than likely be determined by what your company does, what your product/service is, how you wish your company to be perceived, or who your customers are and what appeals to them.
Using your list of key information, stylistic direction and with the required duration in mind, it is now possible to start mapping out the information in a logical, interesting, and engaging order.
Aim to produce a script that has a logical flow, clear message and is very easy for viewers to understand.
Simple ideas deliver information more effectively.
A simple explanation of who you are or what you have to offer, with corresponding graphics, could work best for your product or company.
The ideal duration of an online promotional video is 60 Seconds (approximately a 120-140 word vocal script), a video longer than 90 Seconds can run the risk of losing the viewer's attention, and risk them missing the call to action.
When writing a voiceover script it is important to set a tone with reflects your company, branding and target customer. If you want to appear informal, then a relaxed, conversational style of script writing works well. If your client base is more corporate or your product or service is serious, then a matter of fact tone is more suitable.
This tone is further enhanced by an appropriate choice of voice artist.
It is important that your production complements your companies branding. Therefore any information or assists you already have, logos, corporate colours, mascots, fonts plus any additional artwork will only aid in creating a better more appropriate production for your company.
It is often a good idea to allow a little creative room for manoeuvre for any of your visual notes. Whilst in production, bright ideas spring to mind which helps to strengthen the message or improve the flow. The room for manoeuvre would never alter or distort the most important information you want conveyed.
Business Requirements and Objectives

Business Requirements and Objectives

Every individual or business has their own unique requirements and objectives

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