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    Mid-term project for Portfolio class. This project is for academic purpose only.
In a glimpse, the logo represents number 3. The number 3 (three) has a lot meaning for the designer. She, the designer, was born in March, which is the third month of the year. Number 3 became a lucky number for her. If we rotate -90° the logo, it will looks like M letter, which can be an initial of the designer middle name, Marieta (means March). Furthermore, if we look closer, the number 3 of the logo is be composed and formed by I and L letters. There are the initials of the designer’s name, which is Icha Laksmono. The idea and concept of the logo is futuristic, interactive design, modern, simplicity, clean, and digitally. Those keywords are reflect the artworks, projects, and the designer itselfs. The color used are dull pink and broken white which give the feelings of feminist yet persistent.