London By Night
Saturday was a particularly beautiful November day in London. Unusually  beautiful even. With clear skies and warm weather one just could not sit indoors. So I grab my camera and together with a friend head out to snatch us some night photos. 

We met at South Bank but because it was too busy decided to go towards St. Katherines Docks. We stopped at London Bridge underground and while exiting the Hays Gallery a beautiful view greeted us. From there we moved towards the docks via London Riverbank and Tower Bridge, stoping along the way. 

St. Katherine's Docks didn't turn out to be as photogenic as I thought it would be, or maybe I just didn't get the right shot. After a pint of lager and some good pizza at the Dickens Inn we headed out towards St. Paul's stopping on the Tower Hill riverbank for some shots. 

At St. Paul's the Occupy crowd didn't allow for any shots of the cathedral so we moved along the Millennium Bridge. Due to the large number of people still in the area (it was 22:00 already) I got just a "classic" shot of the cathedral and the bridge.

Enjoy. :)
View as you exit the Hays Gallery after coming out of the London Bridge Underground station. 
View of the London Bridge from outside the Hays Gallery.
View of the riverbank at City Hall. Rising high, The Shard to the right.
View of The Shard from the Millennium Bridge.
View of the Thames from Tower Bridge. HMS Belfast in mid-center and the London Bridge on the background. 
The Tower Bridge raised for the passing to a ship. Due to the long exposure the ship appears only as a trail of light. 
View of the Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral from the riverbank at the Tate Modern.
The mandatory bokeh shot. :)
The Tower Bridge raised for the passing of a ship.
View from the Tower Hill riverbank towards the HMS Belfast.
View from the London Riverbank terrace. Front and right the City Hall and Tower Bridge in the background.