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    This project is a collection of car and bike illustration done using Copic markers and dry pastels.


This page is all about collection of illustrations of cars and bikes. These illustrations are done using Copic markers and dry pastels on different paper materials. The aim of the illustrations was to get an understanding of colors and lights.
This is illustration copy of the famous Burnout Paradise racing game. The difficult and the interesting part of the illustration was to achieve as many detailing as possible.
This is the illustrations of the BMW concept bike. The challenging part of this illustrations was to get the metallic effect of the wheels and of the oil tank.
This is the illustration of a cover of dirt game. The reason the illustration was chosen was to achieve the detailing of the poster.
Ford Mustang is anyone dream. My dream is it in blue color, that's what evoked me to try this illustrations. 
This is the modified version of the VW Golf, the challenging part of the illustration was to show the usage of carbon fiber on the body of the vehicle and to make it look very aggressive using colors. 
This illustration uses different technique of  negative and positive space in the image. The paper used for the illustration was a light green color and on top of it dry pastels and markers are used to get the required form.