CLOUDY GAMER - Weather App UI/UX Concept
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    Say hello to Cloudy Gamer, the Weather Application Concept that has been designed from the ground up to cater to us gamers! In a market that is … Read More
    Say hello to Cloudy Gamer, the Weather Application Concept that has been designed from the ground up to cater to us gamers! In a market that is over-saturated with weather apps thatperform a single (and pretty bland) function, it was time to conceptualise a product that caters for the gaming crowd. With a tongue-in-cheek attitude towards the whole concept of glorifying weather apps Cloudy Gamer was conceived. Rather than simply showing the weather, the application illustrates the weather through a videogame in which the weather itself acts as a key character or plot point in the game’s story.If the day was snowy, Cloudy Gamer illustrates the forecast in the world of Skyrim. The character Floof also changes attire accordingly to suit the video game scenario. The illustrative framework places Floof comfortably within the safety of his home,unaffected by the weather outside. This served as a playful nod towards the stereotyping of gamers locking themselves inside rather than enjoying the outside world. Once I shortlisted the set of videogames I intended to represent in the Cloudy Gamer App, I also studied a series of decorative props that I could set by the character’s side tofurther enhance and strenghten the overall look of the stage. Each weather condition in Cloudy Gamer is designed to invoke a similar look and feel to the skies seen in the weather-respective game: from the simple, serene clouds in Super Mario, to the sand-filled skies in Metal Gear Solid V. The starry night that is inspired by Pac-man also serves as a pays tribute to the maze-like corridors in which the game takes place. After crafting the simple and bold illustrations, life in the form of animation was given to the scenes. Keeping in theme with the constant, twitch-like motion in modernvideo games, each section of the application contains tiny bursts of movement - the rising smoke being blown gently away in the Legend of Zelda variant to the fast-paced start-up screen, no second is static in Cloudy Gamer. There will come a point where Cloudy Gamer users may encounter stretches of unchanged weather. To spice things up, Cloudy Gamer randomly forecast an obviously unrealistic visual, such as the open portal in the sky above the Citadel at City 17 from the Half Life games. The structure of Cloudy Gamer falls within a three-column grid that houses the three pillars of the weather illustrations; the Prop, the Character and the Console.To bring out the framework I used elements from Floof’s house to visually hint at this grid structure. The three equidistant columns are held by architectural elements such as the bird house, the open wall which reveals Floof inside the house, and the vintage television that is hooked-up to the good old NES. Selecting a characterful typeface that does not detract from the importance of the illustration required quite some time. HK Grotesk worked well with the whole look and feel of Cloudy Gamer; its clear letter form sat perfectly over the ever-changing skies. Read Less