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    A series of postcards, released after every Liverpool FC league game, to act as an overview of the Reds season.
Following the success of the LFC 2013/14 Postcard series, I began the project again for the 2014/15 season. After every Liverpool FC league fixture, I would design a postcard sized piece of art based on the result of the fixture.
The project provokes numerous design challenges. Firstly, I had no control over the outcome of the match, so the design has to be reactionary to the result. As a fan myself, this can be difficult after a defeat, but I aimed to focus on the positives from every match.
Secondly, the size of a postcard (A6) offers certain design restrictions. There isnt a lot of space to work with, and each postcard follows the same template of showing the score and date and the top, with a comment on the match written at the base of the design. The design is forced to work within these parameters in order to keep a sense of consistency throughout the series.
Thirdly, timescales are short. I would aim to design the postcard the day after a match, setting myself a 24 hour deadline to think up a concept, create the artwork and then send the final art off to print. This was important in order to get the postcards printed and shipped to those who order them each week. This self imposed timescale was another aspect of the project which goes unseen by many, but forced me to think quickly, be decisive about the concept I settled on and then work quickly on the artwork to hit the deadline.