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    Art direction for Antonella Piacenti's restyling.
Antonella Piacenti's art director went on maternity, and there I was to replace her.
Editorial design, making and answering to client's phone calls, photo shootings, getting the team ready to work. I mean, serious stuff.
Fear and joy at the same time! Amazing!
It showed me how to deal with stress situations and what effort means.
Client: Antonella Piacenti
Mission: Brand restyling.
Serena Tani, art director I've replaced, took care of the restyling of the logo and new website's layout.
And I took care of:
- choosing the models, hair and makeup
- directing the photo shoot
- designing the catalogue with the new style
- directing the promotional video, choosing its music, models, location...
Some catalogue samples:
Some videos:
Art Direction: Giulia Grilli - lagiungladigiulia
Photo: Emma Innocenti
Still life: Silvano Cinelli
Video-maker: David Steven