The Power of Faith - as featured on Touch Puppet
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    an earthy, organic beauty editorial interpreting religion and the power of faith
The Power of Faith
an exclusive editorial for Touch Puppet
My interpretation of "Power".  History tells us of the long connection between power and religion.  For centuries, we fought over it, tearing some countries apart.  We've seen how powerful collective faith is in mobilising the masses and I've also seen first hand, how powerful an individual's faith is, whether it is faith in themself or the faith in a higher power.

I wanted to showcase some of the major faiths/ religions in the world today that would be able to be interpreted using organic elements from what I like to call the "Tree of Life".  So I made all the accessories, the headpieces, etc from organic materials of tree bark, vine, thorns, flower pods, even little pine cones and fallen leaves. In the end, we are all the same, we come from the same source and I wanted to show both the similarity and difference amongst the religions, but above all, their similarities by using earthy and organic materials to style their representation.

Model is the very lovely and amazing new talent - Abbie Heath of Busy Models and Viviens
Makeup artist and hairstylist was the ever perfectionist - Carolina Rojas
Photography, Artistic Direction and Styling was by me.