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SCION at the New York International Auto Show
The 2015 New York International Auto Show brought to close an incredible auto show season for Scion highlighted by the launch of two new production vehicles - the iM and iA. NYIAS is the final major North American auto show attracting worldwide media and visitors from all corners of the Mid-Atlantic region.
This year the Scion space was relocated to the North Hall alongside Subaru, Fiat, Mitusbishi and Mini. This provided an incredible opportunity to reimage every aspect of Scion's show experience - the architecture, the media, the displays, and how they all work together to create a memorable and engaging visitor experience.
Entry Approach
iA platform and media
Slayer tC
iM platform and media
tC RS 9.0
Throughout the season each vehicle has had a two-part video chapter. Part one was an overview of the vehicle and its highlighted features. Part two was a screen takeover of the vehicle driving in a 3D Flatitude world.
For NYIAS, we created brand new media to showcase the new iA and iM with the goal of creating a distinction between the new vehicles and the current vehicles. It was also important to make the media feel location appropriate and NYC-centric, so no SoCal sunsets or beach scenes were considered. This was new media for new vehicles for the New York City audience.
Additionally, the existing vehicle chapters were reproduced to fit the new scale and configuration of the new booth structures.
iA Chapter
iM Chapter
FR-S Chapter
tC Chapter
New for this auto show was guest appearance Scion AV talent including Steve Aoki, Slayer, and Riley Hawk. Scion fans came out in force to meet the guests, get autographs and have photos taken. This added a new dimension to the auto show experience for both guests and the fans that support them.
The promote awareness of the new booth location we locked in the concourse banner and activated the floor space below with two Release Series vehicles, a Scion Swag Machine and signage to promote the lineup of talent that would be making an appearance at the Scion space during the show.
The banner graphic matched the form and finish realized in the booth's built environment and proved extremely successful in driving traffic to the new location.
Creative Director : Stuart Fingerhut
Graphic Designer : Tanja Richter
Digital Creative Director : James Kirkman
Copyright and photo credit :
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SCION at the New York International Auto Show

SCION at the New York International Auto Show

SCION at the 2015 New York International Auto Show
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