Creating my own Universe
of happy people and monsters

The debut piece of the Adventures of Pwin and Bliinks! Having a candy mascot for Caramelaw has always been at the back of my mind. This piece clearly shows how life is going to be for her in the Candyland of noms, floating around on Bliinks, meeting new beings and creatures, making friends, exploring unchartered territories and learning about life,love and the art of irritaing the crap out of people.

I've managed to capture some work-in-progress images when I was working on this piece. I thought it would be fun to share how this was done! There wasn't much sketching materials, she really just popped up in my mind and I just had to do it.

I also had plans to customize her using a Blythe doll, with cute mohair reroot, angel curls and that awesome clown-ish outfit she's wearing. Will post the work-in-progress of how she's made here on Behance as well! Exciting times!
STEP #01 : 
With the sketch that I've done, scanned into computer, I start tracing the artwork with Adobe Flash. I love using Adobe flash, its so easy to control and manouver. Filling in colours is a breeze as well, shading, gradients and shadows comes later when we import the layers into Photoshop.

STEP #02 :
There are bound to be situations where I decide to shift the layout, increase or decrease the size of the subject. It usually happens after I add the background in. Mainly just some hills and clouds to get a sense of how far the enviroment is. I want her to look like she's floating across the Waffle Fields, gazing down upon the sprinkled hills and enjoying the view. I added a shadow on the hill in the background if you noticed. She's floating now!

STEP #03 : 
At this stage I've decided to widen the entire resolution just a little at the sides so it fits a 16:9 screen. Also gives me space to shift elements around and build up the composition. If you noticed, I've started to add a gust of sprinkle wind flow, twirling it around our main character and her eyeball friend. Also some floating Cream Balls in strawberry(Pink), Grape(Purple), Bubblegum(Blue) and Lime(Green) They are nice to repeat since they are a flock of flying, gross looking eyeballs in the sky. But they are harmeless, really.

STEP #04 :
Its starting to get really busy... But that how most of my artwork usually ends up. I've completed the sprinkle wind gust and would prob add more when the entire composition is more complete. (Just to make sure the wind starts flowing from one end to another, like a nice, pretty curling string of pretty stuff, I like it. It feels magical.)

Pwin the not-so-dead-girl. This lovely girl here was born with her skull outside her face and a headfull of fluffy candy-floss hair. She never knew who her parents were, were they a human and skeleton couple? Were they so ugly that their innards grew outside instead? But Pwin didn't let that bother her because she is happy. She loves setting off on adventures with her BFF Bliinks and float around the wonderful candyland of Noms. 
Bliinks the Eyeball globe. He's the BFF of  Pwin. His story is a pretty peculiar one I would say. Pwin found one of his eyes in the sweet forest one day. It was hard, almost like a flat piece of glass bead, except, this glass bead - blinks. She then came across a few other pieces and left them all in a little drawstring bag, thinking it would be a cool collection of blinking beady eyes. To her surprise and boy, what a surprise...she united all the eye beads and they morphed into a giant eyeball of blinking eyes. Bliinks doesn't talk obviously. But he loves looking at things. Everytime he notices something new or interesting, another eye grows. He could only get bigger and stronger. One thing is for sure, he is always keeping an eye on mischievous Pwin.
The floating Creamballs of Waffle Fields. In Strawberry, Grape, Bubblegum and Lime. They are much like stray sheeps, floating around in flocks. They dribble their cream all around so its easy to follow their trails. Scare them and they'll blind you by squirting their delicious cream at your face.

The Meowls. Part owl, part cat and a little bit of unicorn. Their horns are made of ice cream cones. They are constantly spotted with a blank stare. Quite creepy if you ask me. They live harmoniously with the Creamballs in Waffle Fields.