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    Two pieces made for The Luminariums 7th Exhibition: Reverie
The Luminarium, have just released their 7th Exhibition, and once again I have participated in the pack. This time with, two pieces - and I will show the pieces in this project thread.

For this pack, I have been very experimental. I have never made a great abstract piece. I have tried lots of times - but never been satisfied with the result. But in a pack named Reverie, with the theme: Daydream - I thought this was a great time, to give it a new try. And so I did. And it gave two abstract pieces - two pieces, and I like them both.

Its a great pack by the way, so maybe you should check it out? You find the pack here: The Luminarium - Reverie
Name: Half Awake - made by Johannes Aagaard - Half Awake at my portfolio
Name: How things turn out to be - made by: Johannes Aagaard - How things turn out to be at my portfolio