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    A personal view of the United States.
United States of A.
Missing the dream
This is not a touristic tour of the United States. Or, maybe it is. Focusing on emblematic images of this country (being on the road, the cinematographic scenery, the West), human figure is rarely present, only to mock reality: an elderly couple posing in front of millenary rocks, near Las Vegas, and latino kids and families playing in the waves of Santa Monica.

I initially gathered those shots to represent my various trips to the US, but later realized that these could only be the vision of an outsider, raised with the movies and the TV shows, conscious of harsher reality (the failed American Dream), but obsessed with it nonetheless.
A as in "Aube" (dawn)
Sun is rising over the mountains. Unbeatable view from parking rooftop of Red Rock Casino.
Nevada, 2011
A as in "Abandon" (abandonment)
A derelict building of Rock-a-Hoola water park, in the middle of the desert, along the old Route 66.
Nevada, 2011
A as in "Anges" (angels)
Kids playing the waves coming from the Pacific. Summer fog blocking the horizon towards Malibu. A typical summer day in Los Angeles.
California, 2008
A as in "Averse" (shower)
The Manhattan Bridge reflection in a large puddle of rain, from Brooklyn side.
New York, 2009
A as in "Amour" (love)
A couple posing for the camera in front of millenary rocks.
Nevada, 2011
A as in "Aventure" (adventure)
A man stopped his car on the banks of Lake Isabella. He's all alone and fishing. Day is ending, the sun is coming down behind the surrounding mountains.
California, 2008
A as in "Amarre" (mooring rope)
Sasualito ferry's arrival, at the Embarcadero: the Bay Bridge, a seagull and the stars and stripes.
California, 2011
A as in "Ailleurs" (elsewhere)
A man is floating in the salted, quiet water of Mono Lake, which reflects the afternoon sky and stupas.
California, 2008