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    Three logo options designed for Weichert Workforce Mobility's business division, Penn Property Management.
I developed three logo options for Weichert Workforce Mobility's business division, Penn Property Management. The client was looking to update their current logo to be more contemporary, eye-catching and memorable. The first logo option was to be a new take on the original, with similar font and colors. The second two logo options were to be without any restriction on color, font or design.
The client approached me for three possible logo options to replace the existing treatment.
Option One is my contemporary take on the existing Penn Property Management logo, with nearly identical fonts and a similar color palette of blues. The "up arrow" or "roof" is the same triangular shape taken from the original logo, placed atop the original word stack.
Option Two is a more modern and contemporary logo design. This logo, too, features an overall upward arrow or roof shape featuring the same angles as the original logo's triangle. The shape can be viewed as two interior walls with a door and window, or viewed as a roof with chimney and skylight. Even its negative space at its bottom creates the outline of a roof and chimney. I used similar blues to the original logo, but this design can work with any dark and light color combination.
Option Three takes the eye-catching, contemporary look a step further with a geometric design of intersecting walls paired with a sans-serif font. Many property management logos feature rooftops and building shapes, so I strived to develop an idea different than all the rest. Intersecting walls can be a sign of stability or security, which touches upon the peace of mind Penn Property Management can offer. The geometric design actually started out as an open door in its simplest outline form. This, too, can still be seen in its final design.