Humanitarian Concert
Poster and T-shirt design for humanitarian cause
Humanitarian concert will be held In Zagreb (Croatia) to help gather donations for Igor Erak's rehabilitation. 

Igor had a terrible motor-bike accident in 2002., caused by the hole in the road. He was in coma for 25 days, twice clinically dead, but he miraculously woke up. For first 3 months he could barely move.He went through many operations since then and is succesfuly recovering but medical care and operations are very expensive. 

Read more about Igor Erak here (text on Croatian from 2009.).

My friend organized a concert of traditional Croatian a capella singers (called Klapa) to gather donations. I was glad to help by designing a poster, and on the way realized I could do some more if I make T-shirts and Art prints for sale and donate all earnings to Igor. 

You can help either by buying some of the stuff below, 
or directly by donating to Igor's account :  3205342046  in Erste Bank
Art prints, Framed prints and Canvas prints are available for sale on the following web sites:

(Note: Artflakes has expensive shipping for Croatia. For EU countries it's normal price, around 7€ 
T-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies and other clothing are available in many more colours than I introduced here. Follow the links below and customize them as you wish:

MYSOTI     They ship to Croatia (and worldwide) and have nice pallete of colours.

SOCIETY 6      They ship to Croatia (and worldwide) and have only light colored shirts.

Earnings, or amount that will be donated to Igor Erak varies from $3 to $8 depending on item you buy.
Thank you 
for helping Igor
either by buying some of the things above, 
or directly by donating to Igor's account :  3205342046  in Erste Bank.