Canuck Place. Small but Mighty
Vancouver Film School
Team: Ignacio Osorio, Shafakat Reshamvala & Kirstin Smith
Tags: Cell Animation, Motion Graphic, Social Cause
Winner | Social Impact Design 
Ignacio Osorio: Ignacio Osorio is a Motion Graphic Designer from Mexico City. He has degree in Visual Communications and a background on Computer Systems. His love to draw inspiration from areas outside of design in order to build strong concepts and interesting aesthetics. Telling stories is his passion and someone’s smile his reward. 
Shafakat Reshamvala: Shafakat Reshamvala is a motion designer with a flare for film. With his left brain technical expertise & background and his right brain creative expression, he pushes the limits of stories waiting to be told.
Kirstin Smith: Kirstin Smith is a passionate motion designer and illustrator from Canada. She is driven by her belief that visual storytelling is a powerful tool and can be used to generate positive change. 
Description: Working in a small team, the goal of this project was to create a compelling motion graphic piece that tells the story of Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. This relatively small organization is able to do their work because of the commitment of thousands of people who make it possible. 
Communication Objective:  Canuck Place, like the children it supports, is small but mighty. We felt that there was no better way to motivate potential donors and potential volunteers, than to speak to the impact that their contribution has, no matter how small.

The decision to create frame by frame animation was made to compliment the poetic approach we had taken while writing the script. The technique of cell animation would allow us to create expressive movement and motion with personality, without having literal characters. 
It was important for us to create a motion piece that appealed to a broad audience. It had to be unique and shareable. Lastly, it was made to look and feel handmade in order to mirror the personal care and attention individuals receive at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.
Tools Used: Illustrator & Indesign was used for documentation for the pre-production. We used Photoshop to create all frames for the frame by frame animation. We used after effects for post  production and lining up all the frames and sequences. Audition & Premiere was used for music and edit. 
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Canuck Place. Small but Mighty

Canuck Place. Small but Mighty

This organization is a innovative children’s hospice and community-based service that fully embraces the life of each child and family. Canuck Pl Read more


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