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    This is one of my projects for my publication class.
In this assignment, I used the font 911 Porscha for the primary text onboth covers. The nameplate: InSite, Architecture, Culture and Design(with the last three elements stacked on top of each other) is placedin the middle of the top portion of the page. For the date of theissue: September 2010 and the website: www.insitemagazine.com, Igrouped them into a color bar, which is set at a perpendicular anglefrom the lower edge of the page along the left hand side. As for myimage on the first version (September 2010 issue) I used the SpaghettiChair, I edited the image with Photoshop and added some strings thatcame out from the chair. It has a white background and black text. Thefont I used for the “Feature” section at the bottom is Avalon.
On this poster, I wanted to make a totally different style,because with fewer articles, the image can become the primary focus.This poster is called Behind the Bars. My concept is based on howeverybody in the world is labeled into categories but not of their ownchosing. Because of this, they are trying to escape from the prisonthat they are pigeonholed into. I used red in the hands because redrepresents the blood in everyone's body and the bloodshed fromviolence, wars, riots, and other person-to-person struggles. I alsohighlighted the words in red to emphasize the most important words inthe article as well as create a link between the passage and humanity.