The Power Of 12 - Experience The Impossible
Working more and more on large, international projects, the team at Staudinger-Franke was growing rapidly.

At Staudinger-Franke, we are aware of the importance of every individual's work. However, we also know that great work is only possible in a team. 
Therefore, to promote our new portfolio, we had the idea of introducing the team behind the work at Staudinger-Franke, and created a project titled "The power of 12". Our philosophy "experience the impossible" has always led us on journeys to reach the ultimate height, where the air is thin and great work is only a breath away.

As a promotion, we sent out A2-format double-sided posters, with a ticket to a Staudinger-Franke portfolio show and a removable business card.
Art direction: Thorsten Beham
Photography / Postproduction / CGI: Staudinger Franke
Double-sided poster and the ticket to a Staudinger Franke portfolio show.
Postcards of the single team members.
Andreas  Founder/Photographer
Clemens Photography Assistant
Christoph  Photography
Anna Production Assistant
Doris Production/Studio Management
Edo Postproduction
Georg Photography
Julia  Postproduction
Martin Data Management
Mladen Postproduction
Othmar Postproduction
Uli Production Assistance
Additional poster.
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The Power Of 12 - Experience The Impossible

The Power Of 12 - Experience The Impossible

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