Akrivis Technologies. Packaging design for research kit
Akrivis Technologies. Packaging design.
Akrivis Technologies, is a privately held biopharmaceutical company that provides in vitro kits for researchers of life threatening diseases. Akrivis’ mission is to improve patients’ health and reduce treatment costs by providing rapid, ultra-sensitive and cost-saving diagnostics for both research and clinical applications.

For the company's first High Sensitivity In Vitro Research Kit, our design approach needed to align with the product’s importance.

Akrivis’ products facilitate breakthroughs for customers. Our design invokes the company’s forward thinking and research inspired beginnings. The proposal’s bright colors and bold design parallel Z-TECT’s focus on combining diagnostics and therapy as leader in the emerging field of theranostics. The end result honors the provenance of clinical research while simultaneously catering to its modern day execution.