ADARNA Lets tell our children our stories too campaign
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    Outdoor and Print ad campaign for Adarna Children's book publishing house.
Lets tell our children our stories too.
Outdoor and print campaign for Adarna Publishing House.
Art Director: Tokwa Penaflorida
Copy Writer: Teeny Gonzales
Illustrators: Tokwa Penaflorida, Teters Enrique, Marcushiro Nada.
Company: Seven A.D.

"The Philippines has very strong Western influences perhaps due to hundreds of years of colonization.  So much so that children grow up speaking English as their first language, reading foreign children’s books, even learning more about western culture before their own.  Adarna House, a publisher of local children’s books, hopes to change this. They publish award-winning children’s books by local authors and artist that tell stories about life in the Philippines – our stories. 

To drive home the point of how kids may begin to wonder about their own identity in the context of foreign children’s stories, we featured classics like Snow White, Goldilocks and Rapunzel but this time showing Filipino characters and scenes.  The copy further drills it down and states the incongruity of these stories to local reality and is signed-off by the line “Let’s tell our children our stories too” with the Adarna House logo. The visuals were rendered like storybook art to make the posters seem like they came right out of a children’s book page.  The style illustrates even more dramatically how beautiful our own characters could be albeit misplaced in these stories." - Teeny Gonzales, Seven A.D.

Illustrated by: Tokwa Penaflorida (me)
Illustrated by Teters Enrique
Illustrated by: Marcushiro Nada of Electrolychee