I always wanted to create a video game, and with the arrival of the Iphone and the Itunes Store, also came the opportunity of making my old wish come true.

One of the main goals of this project was to learn as much as i can about developing and distributing an app at the Itunes Store. So, this first attempt is more like an experiment actually, is a very simple idea, just to try out my skills (or the lack of them) at the video game development field.

Basically, is a remake of the famous simon game but with a little twist. The goal is to repeat the monkeys sequence in the exact order. Each round makes the sequence longer by one additional sound. Of course, the crazy monkeys won´t make it easy to you, so be carefull with them, because they are really tricky.

For the illustrations i asked for help to my great friends at Panda Lab. And they did a great job at creating the monkeys and their funny animations. All the soundtrack of the game and video was created by my coworker and pal, Diego Levi. And last but not least, the hard coding stuff and distribution comes from the beautiful people at Woonky

My role in this project was:
Game Design
Art Direction
Logo Design
UI Design
Web Design
Motion graphics 

Enough talking...
...I give you...