Stylish Sunglasses
There are 10 decades, we have designed totally 20 designs for each decade, where 2 concepts go to one decade. Here are shown our favorites.
Foldy (2010's)
Design concept is inspired by second problem = mobility. Foldy sunglasses brings funky look and solution to problems. It can be folded and put in your pocket with no doubt that it can be broken or scratched. It has holes on each side for peripheral vision of eyes. When folded looks like a lighter.
Polus (1960)
Design concept is inspired from 60's perfect design taste. Its not only the redesign of aviator, Polus comes with a second problem solving function, its has fully foldable frames and is easy to put in pockets.

Archa (1950)
50's redesigned stylish sunglasses for woman. Design concept is inspired from architecture constructions and 50's butterfly shaped sunglasses. Looks strong, light and stylish.

Topsun (1980)
Inspired from jet pilots helmet. Light in weight and very comfortable to wear.

Sinum (1940)
Design inspiration came from pilots and sportsmans sunglasses of 40's which main function is to protect the eyes.
Ferox (2010)
Inspired from weapons and aviator shape.

Futurum (2020)
Design concept is inspired from sci-fi movies. I believe that future is about simple and small designs. Futurum is from the future. Its a communication and social networking gadget with changeable lenses, has camera which allows user to see and live in augmented reality world, navigate and etc.
Rego (1980)
Design was inspired from 80's stylish aviators. Its light in weight, has original foldable frames.

Falco (2020)
Falco inspired from near past decade sunglasses. It looks as a simple sunglasses but can be used as a handsfree accessory to cellphone but its also a mobile computer as well. Displays on lenses any information like 3D augmented reality, navigation, social networking, interacts with every gadget from future.

Charisma (1950)
Charisma is the redesigned stylish looking sunglasses from 50's. Its lightweight and lenses are easy changeable.

Audax (1960)
Design concept is inspired from aviator and squeezing rubber ring. It has a cool, stylish look and gives to owner a daring cool look as well. Its lightweight. Unisex.

Momentum (1940)
It was inspired from ski sportsmen's eyewear.

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